Too High We Die

Too High We Die

Philip S. Hoffman

Philip S. Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman got high. Portraying Icarus, he fell from the sky. Another artist junky had to die. But Why, But Why, But Why?

chorus Another junky died today. A needle in his arm, life gone away. He flew too close to the sun. Like Icarus, he was undone. Heart broken, heart broken, heart broken.

He went down in flames, Heroin couldn’t ease his pain. He flew with the angels on high. Too high, Too high, Too high!

We all have our aches and pains, We hope to forget but we remember again. Some drown their troubles in alcohol. How far we fall, we fall, we fall.

Too easy to slip a needle in, Hide behind white heroin. Narcotic night embraces me again Numb my pain, my pain, my pain.

But I want to live, I want to see it all end. Surviving, after all, Is the best revenge.    Revenge, revenge, revenge.

February 10, 2014 John Rosengarten Copyright 2014

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