Bombogenesis: is it a natural result of unnatural climate change, mostly caused by man-made greenhouse gasses? Or another scientist hoax?

Any housewife who has boiled water can understand the clear difference between a simmer and a boil.  Simmers create vertical columns of convection and the water moves upward in a straight line and the water circulation is a gentle, orderly flow.  Add even a tenth of a degree and it becomes a boil, with violent swirls of turbulent water erupting all over the place.

Warmer air and water are more fluid.  This means more water in the air, and more wind.  Well, when those extra violent water-laden clouds get whipped up by the faster jet stream, that moisture arrives in unexpected places.

The sad irony is all these climate change deniers are willfully ignoring the truth that will kill their descendants.

Its that last one tenth of a degree, people.

That’s the part we can change.  If we reduce greenhouse gases we can save life on Earth.

Or you can make a lot of money and know your great grandchildren will all be smothered and starved.

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