News Media! Stop saying “Islamic terrorist” and instead say anti-islamic terrorist.

Real Muslims are not supporting the brutes who are committing genocide and worse in Africa, the Middle East, and the rest.

Calling them “Muslim” anything helps them achieve credibility in their home lands.  They are Un-Islamic terrorists.

When the ISIL Puritans assault a town they kill the men, rape the women and enslave the children.  They are hated by the populations they conquer.  When the West gives these punks television time it helps the thugs to recruit.

In short, quit sensationalizing acts of inhumanity.  Let’s spend ten minutes finding solutions, not ten minutes poking insults at the terrorists that end up giving them an aura of meaningfulness.  Our media is doing recruiting for the terrorists.  Editors:  limit ISIS atrocities coverage and always color the ISIS as murder gangs stealing from the people.

Let’s cover the stories the enemies hate:  Human rights, right to free speech, rights to study for boys and girls.  Human rights for all women.  Show the billions of true Muslims who observe the peace taught by the true schools.

ISIL is about one Muslim in 5000000 or so.  That’s why they have to brutalize their conquered communities.

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