Old Plans Die Hard, so Recognize Your New Dreams and be Flexible

Somewhere inside of us is a child with desires, hopes and dreams. 

We may have seized upon some detail in the past and made that goal our over-riding desire.  Such goals can inspire us to great achievements over the course of our lives.

Enlightened humans spend years building a life plan, starting with childhood daydreaming and progressing for whole lives.  We make plans and go over them time and again, reinforcing our desire to accomplish early goals and eventually our “bucket list”.

Few people ever have the foreknowledge required to know what is best until their future unfolds.  Despite our noble ambitions and worthy goals, sometimes life events can completely disrupt your carefully-made plans.  Over our lifetime, accomplishments which we might have valued highly in our youth really are no longer as desirable.  Yet, many people will continue to follow their old plan, even when that plan no longer serves us well.

Crystalized constructs of yesterday’s thought

We become so focused on achieving our stated goals that we neglect to see if those goals are still as important to us as they once were.   We need to reassess and refocus as our needs evolve.  We need to get past the crystalized constructs of yesterday’s thoughts. We must validate our next moves with today’s measuring stick, not yesterday’s aging metric.

We resist reassessing our goals, it’s our psychological inertia.  We have invested so strongly in our life-plan that we can not bear to change course, because we believe it amounts to admitting defeat.  But that child which wove your ancient fantasy may no longer really desire the same things.  Even if we do attain those goals, they might not satisfy our true desire.

Listen to your inner child

Our goals change as we age, and our life-plan needs to be allowed to evolve.  All too often, our strength of character manifests as stubbornness, and we refuse to abandon obsolete goals because we have a life-long investment in those dreams.

But, if we can look into ourselves and talk to that inner child, we might find that we are chasing a storybook ending which we imagined all those years ago, but which no longer has any real impact.

So, as you move along life’s path, take care to reassess your current direction.  Our original aspirations may not be as meaningful today as they once were.

Listen to your inner child and ask yourself, “what do I want NOW?” and accept that changing course to arrive at your ideal destination  is better than stubbornly persisting in an old script that may no longer arouse your inner soul fire.

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