America’s Greatest Military Foe: Who killed the most Americans ever?

What nation killed the most American servicemen in military action?
Germany? Japan? England? Mexico? Spain? Iran?  Iraq? North Korea? Grenada?

No! None of these.

America’s most lethal enemy was the Confederate States of America.

The Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred and revolt. It is a flag of “Jihad” in the truest sense.

Confederate Flag = Jihad Revolutionary civil war flag. 

It is the flag of the losers who killed more Americans than any other nation, ever, combined.

Respect that? I pray not.

Science Trumps Superstition

Weak minds cling to their superstitions, the wise study science. Understanding the physics of the universe leads the mind away from baseless faiths. Does the age of a lie make it holy? Do we worship Ra and Isis, Zeus and Hera, Jupiter, Mars and Venus? Those ‘faiths’ are older than the Babylonian faith that we now call Judeo-Christian-Islamic monothesism.


In the history of the Earth and humanity, no superstition has ever been found to be fact. A modern human accepts that, like Santa Claus, witches, Zeus or the Boggieman, there is nothing in religion but bronze-age ignorance, handed down by well-meaning, but utterly ignorant prophets or by malicious charlatans…


The simple fact is that prayer and supplication are foolish attempts to placate ancient animal fears. The crash of thunder, the tectonic changes that lead to earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and disease, these all were the basis of primitive beliefs.