National Secrets Should Not Be On National News

Western civilization is under attack on many fronts.  Yet news outlets, including TV, radio, internet and newspapers vie against each other to reveal the latest intelligence systems and methods.  They do this in a quest for ratings and the resulting income that comes from having the largest audience.  In truth, they are selling us out to the terrorists.

What?  How?  What do you mean?

Every attack and incident is immediately analyzed and dissected by an array of politicians, officials, criminologists, intelligence experts and pundits with no seeming relationship to the story.  Many of them are actually telling our opponents how to fight us.

Radicals love our News

Our western values impart in us a sense that transparency in government is very important.  But that public spirit of not keeping secrets from citizens makes us think we should be told about the ways in which our foes are being obstructed.  However, such transparency is welcomed by enemies like ISIS because it tells them what to be prepared for.

In a perfect world, reporting security measures to the citizenry seems desirable.  But we live in a world of very unequal mentalities.  We in the educated world assume that everyone appreciates civilization and will always work to make life better for all people.   However, this assumption does not apply to cultures that reject western ideals.

Steps Towards A Safer World

We should rather be told that powerful groups are doing positive things, and not be told the details of how those actions are conducted.  Our enemies want us to tell them how we are countering their efforts.  It is a mistake of the first order to come out and tell them the details and limitations of our capabilities.

News providers, in particular, should reject editorial stories that compromise our national intelligence efforts.  If we are good at detecting rats, let’s not tell the rats how we are doing it.

Can We Keep Secrets anymore?

I like public officials who can keep national secrets.  All the news outlets should be reminded that their reports are a weapon in the terrorists’ arsenal.

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