Polar Vortex is a result of Global Warming and Climate Change

When I was a child I had a top. When properly launched, a top is very stable until its orbits begin to deteriorate then they start to bob and weave and then they finally tumble off axis. The climate is very fluid, but it is in a spinning system and when warm air pushed into the polar region, the cold polar air mass was pushed into the lower latitudes.

As the climate warms, it becomes more fluid. That extra heat causes chaotic mixing of air streams and disrupts the jet stream. The jet stream pushes and pulls the polar system.

Like the child’s top, when the system begins to destabilize, the center of the polar region begins to tumble to lower latitudes. This all makes sense when you understand that convection and Coriolis forces are normally balanced.

Warmer air and water means faster air flows in the jet stream. Faster jet stream means more disruption of normal weather patterns.

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