Opinions vs Reporting

It used to be a core American value that journalists reported on facts. Editorial analysis was not to be slanted to the benefit of any one party or candidate. There was a code of honor, that even if a reporter was in favor of a political issue, they would honestly refrain from letting that sway their reporting.

Despite the screams of so many right-wingers, the “mainstream media” is still playing by the rules. However, MSNBC and Fusion are definitely pro-liberal and One America News and ABC are pro conservative. Fox news is so far to the right they had to redefine the whole system, to the point that Republican partisans run the network and it has been a mouthpiece of the right wing for over twenty years.

So who can you believe? With the demise of newspapers, they can no longer afford to cover everything, and analysis is sorely lacking. Besides, most well-respected newspapers have been bought up by corporate interests who follow the money. That’s why family newspapers have died as newsrooms across America go dark.

I have found CBS and foreign providers, such as the BBC, or DW, to provide insight lacking in American outlets. Good analysis is important, and boring background info needs to be understood if you do not want the wool pulled over your eyes.

The “new media” is less a media and more a mob or prejudiced opinions. When people choose the news they want to hear, they are selecting news sources that have an interest in keeping the consumer ignorant. It becomes an echo chamber of self-congratulations and insults against those with opposing views.

A wise person follows the news, and know years later when lies are told about the actions of the past. You have to observe what people DO, not what they say.

Be wise, America. Keep your eyes and mind open.