Republican Tax “Plan”: More welfare for billionaires paid for by the workers.

The Republicans in the Senate obviously have drunk of the Trump Kool-Aid.

Tax holidays for Trump and his elite cronies end up paid for by the working class!

Billions for Billionaires

Have you heard “It takes money to make money”?  Having large sums of money allows people, families and companies to accumulate vast wealth.  When money makes money, it’s called “Capital Gains”  So, the elite wealthy who make their money by investing money have bought legislation that taxes their gains at a low rate.  But now, they want it even lower.

Pennies for Peons

Do YOU work for a living?  Then you are going to end up paying for Republican’s wars and tax holidays for the uber-rich, who are the biggest beneficiaries of the Trump plan.


Ronald Reagan ran the national debt so high that the economy suffered from 1983 to at least 1995!


Examine the recent historical evidence.

1980-1992 Republicans cut taxes and left the economy in a shambles, national debt soaring after starting an expensive war.

1992-1999 Democrats balance tax hikes with welfare reform. Economy booms for seven years straight.

2000-2008 Republicans start two expensive wars, pass unfunded programs and wreck the economy, culminating with the Bush Depression.

2009-2016 Democrats save America from bankruptcy and despite strong Republican opposition, kick start the economy again and restore the national wealth. Unfortunately, he could not end the wars started by the Republicans and the military budgets are bleeding year after year while we try to force American values on the middle east.


The worst thing is, the people who end up paying for Trump’s gift to the rich are the same people who voted for him.  If you work and get a paycheck, you will end up paying for the costs of the wars and the whole government, while Trump and his corrupt cronies enjoy a tax-cut.

The BIG Lies

Trump is the master of deflection and misdirection.  Like a stage magician he makes you look at his right hand while his left hand is up to sneaky tricks!  More like a street pick-pocket, actually… watch your wallet!





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