The End of the World (As We Know It)

Bozo the Moron has answered dictator Kim Jong Il’s paranoia with threats of war.


The United States has been trying to constrain North Korea’s efforts to build weapons for decades.  Despite being shamed, shunned and sanctioned, the North Koreans have attained nuclear weapons and nearly perfected ballistic missile systems that might carry an atomic payload to the heart of America.

Past administrations recognized that North Korea is motivated by fear of invasion by us, as their war with us has never officially ended.  The current Kim despot was born into a culture of paranoia and he has never know a day without American and South Korean forces massed on his southern border.  This ongoing fear is the impetus that drives their desire to acquire better weapons.

The wisdom of the Clinton-Bush-Obama diplomatic efforts was to reduce that paranoia and allow the North Koreans to imagine a world without risk of imminent invasion.  Promising a better life, we traded food and medical supplies for their slowing their march towards nuclear weapons.

Now, we have a leader who lacks such wisdom, who ignorantly pours gasoline on the fire of Kim’s fears.  This could easily escalate to a war that no one needs, no one wants and no one will benefit from.

Bozo with the button needs to be restrained.  I pray our military has the guts to refuse an illegal order and the wisdom to recognize such a situation.

God help America.

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