The NRA Speaks For The New Merchants of Death

OK, we have been patient, trying to not complain about the ongoing corruption in out “pay to play” government, hopeful that somehow justice will come to the guilty.

We have watched as the gun industry has paid off the NRA to bribe legislators to reduce controls over gun sales in the name of “freedom”.  As any sane persson could predict, we have witnessed the stupid brutality enabled by letting the gun industry line its pockets with weapons of war, pseudo-assault rifles that skirt rational limits to deliver about a round a second.  Not with a stable bullet like a hunter would want, but a bullet designed to tumble as it hits, doing far greater damage than a simple hunting round.

AR-15 One Death per second

There shall be a special place in Hell for those take the NRA Blood Money.

I hope that the people who make, market, permit and excuse selling a one round per second death machine to teenagers have a front row seat in hell.

Follow the money.  Its all bribes and payoffs to keep the money train delivering those nice NRA checks to our legislators.

It’s enough to make one want to run these fools out of office.