Trump Orphans: A Humanitarian Crisis

We hear this week of the latest victim of the cold-hearted anti-refugee policies of the Republican administration.  A seven-year-old child, found thirsty and hungry, was put in a truck and left there for almost eight hours.  She died of dehydration.

Migrant children die of thirst because of Trump’s edict for ICE agents to destroy humanitarian supplies.

American Christian humanitarian churches have been leaving survival supplies, like water, along the paths frequented by lost refugees.  The Republicans decided that life-saving water supplies should be found and destroyed, leaving the asylum-seeking refuges without water.


ICE agents destroy water survival supplies so migrants die of thirst

We can only wonder how our Border Control Agents and ICE patrols can destroy survival caches of water with such enthusiasm.  Can they sleep at night?  Do they dream of the children and other victims who will die of thirst because of this dastardly policy?


Someone needs to remind the Republicans that Jesus said
“Suffer the little children”, not “make the children suffer”.


ICE agent destroys water survival supplies so migrants die of thirst

I wonder if they will get water in their hour of need?


What’s the opposite of a “Good Samaritan”?



Trump Orphans: What will Republicans do?

Now that ICE is holding several thousand separated children with no clue who or where their parents are, the Republicans are beginning to panic about the Trump Orphans.

Long after Donald Trump is gone, the legacy of these children will live on.  This is a Republican problem, which means it will be ignored until it festers then Republicans will feign surprise that the world is holding them accountable for this crime against humanity.

Several thousand parentless children are now wards of the United States, and the Republicans have no clue what to do about it.


We must note that imprisoning them in concentration camps can only lead to disaster.  Eventually, some will die and some will be assaulted by their captors.

Horror stories will ensue.  This stinky mess will be around for years to come.