Fossil Fuel’s Dirty Secret

When Shell Oil pumps a barrel of oil in Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Nigeria, the oil company pays those countries the wholesale price of the crude oil.   Those nations earn a major profit from selling their natural resources to capitalist oil companies.


But here in America, companies pay a token fee to drill and extract all the oil they can.  Often, they get away without paying taxes, citing the expenses of running their business.


American Fossils

Avoid Extinction! Fossil Fuels, Just Say No!



  • The King of Saudi Arabia gets about fifty dollars for every barrel.
  • The US Treasury gets about fifteen cents for that same barrel of oil.

(It is a fact, look it up.  The facts are hard to find because the lobbyists who got these sweet deals keep it hidden, and no one talks about it, as long as certain political contributions keep coming to the Congress people.)


Think About It!

America GIVES AWAY our natural wealth to fossil fuel companies in return for bribes. If the fossil fuel industries and mines all PAID FOR the natural resources, we would NEVER NEED TAXES again.


The rich wrote the rules, folks.

The rich benefit most from the rules they wrote for themselves.


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