Global Warming And Climate Disasters: Lies, Damn Lies, And Statistics!

Figures Lie, and Liars Figure.

The devil is in the details… and in the case, the devil uses irrelevant detail to obfuscate real understanding of what is happening, and why. Your use of impertinent statistics is a camouflage to cause the stupid and less educated among us to give up on trying to understand WHY your conclusions are valid.

Forget numbers, and consider the Earth as a closed system. The Sun gives us light and heat at a very constant rate. The Earth radiates away some of that light and heat, and rest we experience as daylight and the warmth that daytime gives us.

Regulated Systems are More Stable

Now this system was in balance for millions of years. We have geological and climate evidence that the cycles of heating and cooling have varied with regularity for at least the last ten million years. Our oxygen filled atmosphere is a creation of life on Earth. without life, there would not be much oxygen in the air.


So, you follow all that? God, or nature, gave us a balanced, predictable system of cycles of day and night, and of seasons and years. There are larger cycles, too, which are well known and which real scientists can calculate and account for.

What Can We Expect?

The Earth is now coming to the warmest section of the 25-thousand year cycle caused by the Precession of the Equinoxes. This means that the planet is nearing its peak heat because of how close it is to the sun in the summertime of the Northern Hemisphere.

So, what does it matter that human civilization is spewing tons of extra exhaust gases into the air? It is like a blanket that holds in the heat. Why does that matter? Because on a hot summer day you do not want to turn on the heat. Here, at the warmest part of the Earth’s natural cycle, we are adding a tiny bit more heat and a bunch of extra gases that hold the heat in.

How Does That Work?

Would you sit in a hot car on a summer day with the windows rolled up? Adding CO2 and Methane to the air is adding a thermal blanket to our world. The evidence is clear and unambiguous. You can observe your local weather and discern the changes. This year is already the hottest year on record, and eight of the ten last years are right behind it.


Now, even in a hot world, we still have the natural seasonal cycles. So we still have winter, and winter weather is appearing in places it did not use to.

This principle is also a manifestation of the global warming, and a more fluid atmosphere is full of unexpected turns in the jet stream that used to moderate and regulate our global weather patterns.  


As water warms, it goes from a simmer to a boil. A simmer is when the heat rising is balanced by cooler rater returning in an orderly manner.  In the air, convection settles the jet streams into the normal weather patterns our forefathers learned to rely upon.


But, as every cook knows, a fraction of a degree increase brings water to a chaotic boil.

A full boil is very chaotic and the heat is distributed randomly. At a slightly higher temperature, the jet stream convection in the upper air breaks into a full boil mode.

Historic weather patterns will no longer be reliable, worldwide farming and livestock will be badly affected and floods will appear with little warning, without seasonal patterns there could be hurricanes in the spring, tornadoes in the winter, and droughts all over.

So, it is a millionth of a degree or change, or a tenth of a degree of change? That’s not important. What is extremely important is that is if we do not stop spewing exhaust into the air, all life on Earth will be dangerously affected. Not MAY be, our descendants WILL be dangerously affected. That includes your children and grandchildren.

Climate research predicts planetary drought and unbearable heat in just the next fifty years! 

The best computer simulations report that the central United States and the Mediterranean will be most seriously affected.


We are heading on a path of destruction and if actions does not begin to reduce these heating factors, then we will probably kill most life on Earth.

What can YOU do?

So ask your elected representatives about their plans to save the future.

To survive, a person or a nation needs air, water and food.

Where will that come from in a few years?

Ask your representatives to take action now…



Tomorrow will be too late.


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