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Your opinion only counts on Election Day LIBERTY

“To The Polls, Ye Guardians of Liberty!” 2004 Mousie New Orleans Poster Artist at


Does YOUR opinion count? Only when you vote!

First, to business.  Now, more than ever, each and every vote counts. Get your friends and family to register and vote.  When sane people don’t vote, the worst of us can end up running the most important machinery in the nation.

When the government owes YOU something, you expect the government to do its job and serve you.  Well, now its YOUR TURN.  Your part of living in a constitutional government is your DUTY to vote.

Failure to vote is voting for failure!


Second, I am in love with the Art Nouveau styles of famed New Orleans poster artist, Mousie.  Colorful, yet understated, women symbolizing the holidays in New Orelans’ exotic calendar.  If you are in New Orleans, you might find Mousie at the Jackson Square fence painting for your pleasure.  Her web site is at


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