Cops Gone Wild: Use of Force at Pool Party in McKinney Texas

These bigots shame me. Bigots shame us all. But there is more to consider.

Man in blue acts like a thug.

Man in blue acts like a thug.

I watched the video closely, and the several fat white guys wandering around watching the cop approvingly are the ones I hope to see in hell.

This man in blue is a mean dog on a leash, but the fat white guys all over the scene are masters of the leash. Officer attackdog works for their white establishment. The whites called him to send the blacks away, and in one sense, the mad-dog cop was just doing that job. They are the masters, not him.

At the very least, the rampaging officer committed assault and battery, false imprisonment and (I mean this earnestly) impersonating a police officer.
He deserves to go to jail.

However, the white people who stood and watched silently are the ones who pay this man to keep the black children away from the pool.

Hatred is the evil we must defeat.



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